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The Show Continues in November

Friday, November 19th, 2010

I visited the Atlanta Botanical Garden yesterday, November 18, 2010 and was treated to colorful flowers, foliage and fruit.  Southern gardeners suffer in the summer but are often rewarded with beautiful fall weather and garden delights.

Here are a few of the plants that caught my attention.

Diospyros kaki 'Pendula'

Farfugium 'Jitsuko's Star'

Itea virginica and Edgeworthia

Japanese maple

The Autumn Garden-more reasons to love Fall

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010


It has been a busy fall so far.  I never thought that in one week I would be dressing up as a pea pod twice to promote my daughter’s school garden and then making an eggplant costume for her school play.  The things we do for love, and to get our kids to eat vegetables.  Now I am ready to focus on my own garden and the bulbs I need to plant.  I have a big crate of various types of Narcissus that I ordered from Brent and Becky’s bulbs (rodents don’t bother these bulbs because they are poisonous) that I hope to get in the ground by the end of this week.  I am also waiting to receive 3 different varieties of heirloom apple trees (I selected varieties that should do well in the South) from Big Horse Creek Farm in Lansing, NC .

Ginkgo, Camellia and hollies

Until this past week it didn’t look like we would see much fall color in the landscape but this is not the case.  Hickories, maples, oaks, elms, crape myrtles, Japanese maples, beech trees,  dogwoods and of course my favorite ginkgo in a nearby neighborhood,  are all glowing even on this overcast and rainy day.  Familiar favorites like our native dogwood, Cornus florida and Japanese maples of all sizes and shapes are brilliant despite a summer of record heat and extended periods with no rain.  Shrubs like Fothergilla and Itea virginica  also display  garden worthy autumnal foliage.  

Itea virginica 'Merlot'

Often combiantions surprise us like the Hydrangea, Carex ‘Evergold’ and Arum italicum ‘Pictum’ growing close by a Japanese maple seedling in my side yard. I would love to have more Arum but it seems slow to spread in my garden, probably due to root competition from trees.  Even ordinary forsythia (it was here when we moved in five years ago) displays yellow and red leaves this year, perfect for adding to arrangements.  Soon there will be more leaves on the ground then on the trees so be sure to enjoy the show while it lasts.  It’s also a good time to add many of these same plants to your garden. 

Arum italicum 'Pictum' with Carex and Hydrangea

japanese maple seedling

Fothergilla 'Mt. Airy'