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Edible Gardening- Win A Prize Pack

Spring is right around the corner (here in Atlanta, it feels like spring now) and if you’ve decided to take the plunge and grow a vegetable or fruit garden, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to win an edible gardening prize pack from Timber Press.  To celebrate the season of edibles and the recently released The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Heirloom Vegetables and  Fruit Trees in Small Spaces Timber is sponsoring a three-week long giveaway from March 6-23 where entrants will have a chance to win five books,  35 heirloom seed packets, and a gift certificate for a bare-root fruit tree.  Readers can win by submitting their email address on their

contest page  .

Okra 'Hill Country Red'

In my edible garden I grow blueberries and heirloom apples along with some vegetables and herbs.  I am hopeful that this year  I can keep the critters out and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  While March is a good month to plant bare-root trees in many parts of the country,  remember that mid-April is the frost free date to use as a guide for planting  tender vegetables and herbs like tomatoes, beans,  basil and many others.

Edible and ornamental crabapples with grasses and Patrina

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5 Responses to “Edible Gardening- Win A Prize Pack”

  1. The maddest I’ve been about gardening was when He-who-mows cut down a native persimmon.

    You are officially a Blotanical member. How I can I as your assigned Mentor help you put Blotanical to your best use?

  2. J.D. Waddell says:

    Oh how I love this time of the year. Just can’t wait for the weekend and getting out to the garden. Of course, here in our zone 9, planting time has already started but there is much more to do. Love it!!! and reading Erica’s comments just make me want to quit work and go home to my garden. Thanks Erica. “Ain’t” it great? (That’s a statement – not a question.)

  3. Susy says:

    I am so ready to garden, it has been really warm here in the Chicago area and so I have done some clean up in the veggie garden. Since the winter was so mild, I have some lettuce, spinach and kale that over wintered. Kinda fun! I always plant my peas on St Patty’s day, coming up real soon.

  4. Sharon Moore says:

    I have a new house and a large garden spot just waiting to be planted. I need seed !!!

  5. Rosana j. says:

    great post thanks!

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